Monday, February 22, 2016

Going green on insulation

I should have snapped pictures of the elaborate spider web of electrical, cable, internet, stereo and security wires in the walls, but now it's all been covered up.

The guys finished insulating Saturday. We used a damp-spray cellulose insulation that insulates around pipes, HVAC ducting and wiring without voids, much better than regular fiberglass batt insulation strips. They sprayed it between the floors, too.

The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association says it's 30-40% more effective in stopping air infiltration than fiberglass batts. Who am I to argue?

Basically, cellulose is recycled newspaper. When it's installed, it's blown through a flexible hose and mixed with water at the blowing nozzle. The water dampens the paper as it is blown out. The wet cellulose adheres to the sides of the wall cavities and fills all the voids around pipes and wiring.

Cellulose is also a very effective sound barrier. The silence when I walk in the house now is striking. The master bedroom has cellulose insulation on three sides and I think I could sleep through a nuclear bombardment.

It's prettier, too (if insulation can be pretty). Here are a couple pictures taken in the library. The large gap on the far right, just outside the library, is where the custom steel front doors will finally be installed tomorrow - yay! Now on to sheetrock.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Cast stone, cast stone . . . wherefore art thou?

They just can't quite get it right. I'm talking about the cast stone design for the house. I've sent pictures, they've sent samples, I've sent more pictures, they've sent more samples--you get the idea.

It may seem like a minor detail, but when there will be so much of it, and when the elevation is relatively straightforward and simple and the cast stone is a major component, it's not a minor detail.

Here's a picture of my inspiration cast stone. Following are pictures of some of the stone contractor's hits and misses. They're still tweaking it for me.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Another writing distraction

Just when I declared I'll write every day and not let the construction of our new house be a distraction, I have another distraction--but a good one.

Oldest will be playing football for Colorado School of Mines in the fall. Mines is in Golden, and Golden is practically heaven on earth. So of course when we were there in January for Oldest's official football visit, we went vacation house hunting.

Here are pictures of the house that we have on contract. I'm now furiously trying to plan for the closing, and furnishing it before the family hits there in mid-March for spring break.

It's a distraction--but a good one.

There are views of Mount Evans from nearly every room in the house--a definite selling point for us.