Monday, November 23, 2015

House poetry

Slowly but surely we creep along,
my house construction and me;
No not a roof,
but siding, yes,
and look - a chimney.

(Note: It helps if you pronounce 'chimney' as three syllables.)

Alright, alright, not Longfellow,
nor Wordsworth, nor Frost, I be;
But we've got walls,
Next week it's windows,
Then a happy camper I'll be.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Finally a roof

Progress has definitely slowed on the house, or at least by appearances it has. But appearances can be deceiving.

There are certain phases during construction where it's hard to tell just what's being done, the later stages of framing being one of them. There's so much blocking and bracing to be put in. Door and window headers need special work. And on, and on.

We're in that stage now, but we've finally got a roof. Or, at least, a roofline. The decking is supposed to go up later this week. Then the contractors will dry it in with felt paper, so that even when it rains, construction can continue inside.

The standing-seam metal roof that's costing us a small fortune won't go on for over a month. But windows should go in in just a couple weeks. That will drastically change the appearance.

The windows on the first floor, flanking the front porch, are five feet wide and nine feet tall. They going to be stunning. I can't wait to see them installed.

But here's a look at where we are now. You can't see much of the roofline, I'm standing too close. But that's Superman on the front porch.