Thursday, October 29, 2015

Still working on the second floor

The days of having a triple sized frame crew working on our house are gone. We are left with one crew which usually consists of four guys. And although they've been there consistently all day, every day, construction has drastically slowed.

The second story walls have been completed, and they are now working on ceiling joists, getting ready for roof trusses. Since they are engineered and constructed off site, the roof framing should go fast.

After the roof trusses are installed, the standing-seam metal roof will go on and windows put in. That will be a drastic leap forward in what the construction looks like.

Here's a look at the second floor. Look past the cars, but cars are good, they mean guys are working.

There's still no stairs framed, but Superman and I climbed the make-shift ladder the guys use to get to the second floor. It was scary, but worth it for a peek upstairs.

Here's Superman standing on the mezzanine upstairs near the guest bedroom. I'm standing on the mezzanine near the front windows. They haven't cut the curve in the floor yet.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Waiting for NANOWRIMO?

Ok, as much as it pains me, I admit I've neglected my book this last week (or two), and neglecting a book in progress is not a good thing to do. I understand why many writers write every day when they're working on a novel. It's easy to lose touch with the story.

When I write after setting the book aside for a couple days, I have to refresh my memory and reread a lot of what I was working on when I stopped. Then I consult my running outline, then I reread again. It's very counter productive.

It's as if, in my absence, the story had morphed into a flock of little birds. The longer the gap between writing sessions, the more little birds that have flown away that I have to gather back. 

Is that a self admission of being flighty? Quite possibly.

I got back on track yesterday, cranking out about 2,500 words. Chapter four is almost complete. I'm not waiting for NANOWRIMO, which is next month, incidentally.

Changing the subject, here's my latest used book store find that got me excited. A signed copy of Mary Higgins Clarks's Mount Vernon Love Story. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Working on the second floor

There's been an army of framers working on the house nearly every day for the last week. From the street, it looks like progress is creeping along. However, up close, it's an amazing thing to see.

There is more wood (and a little steel) in this house than I have ever seen being framed, and I used to build three-story townhouses. Everywhere I turn there are giant glue-lam support beams, blocking, extra bracing.

Every morning I drive by and count the number of cars and trucks. This gives me an idea of how many guys are working. Then I make a second pass to try and see what it is they're working on. I'm sure they wonder about the crazy lady in the white Navigator stalking them.

I don't stop when the guys are there working. I know I'd just be in the way. They quit work around 5:15, so every day around 5:30 I head over to assess the day's progress. From the street, it doesn't always look that impressive, but up close, their progress has been amazing.

Yesterday they began putting sub-flooring down for the second floor. They had also drawn the plan for the stairs, and mezzanine above, on the slab. Maybe they framed some of it today. I'm anxious to see.

I'm late for my daily assessment, so I gotta go.

Here's a pic from a couple days ago.

And here's Superman drinking coffee in our kitchen Saturday morning. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Putting up walls

We've got walls!

The rain early last week delayed pouring our foundation by a day, but after that, the guys made a big push to get the framing off to a strong start.

We're lucky the frame contractor is between big jobs and could put several crews on our house. The last house they finished was 26,000 square feet. I joked with the foreman that, at 6,456 square feet, our house was like doing a garage apartment. He didn't argue with me.

The good news is they hit it fast and furious and got a lot done quick. The bad news is, once their next job starts, which should be in a couple weeks, we will be left with only one of their frame crews, which is actually typical on a job our size. We're just getting lucky early.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures of what they've done so far.

This a a shot from across the street. Hard to tell what's what with that darned outhouse, but they tell me they need it, so it'll have to stay.

Here's the view as you walk in the front doors and look right. This is looking through the corner of the library, the great room, and back toward the master closet and master bath. It might take me a while to get used to the eleven-foot ceilings.

This is looking left from the front door, through the gallery and into the kitchen and breakfast area. The jungle of wood behind the kitchen is the pantry, home office, laundry room and garage.